Force Martial Arts is an industry leader in the provision of Self Defence training. 

With over 30 years experience in teaching Self Defence the instructors at Force MA know exactly what to teach, and more importantly, what not to teach. 

We focus on your safety, and the safety of those around you.

It's not all knees to the groin and screaming, Self Defence is much more involved, and sure you need to learn striking and controlling elements of Self Defence we want you to be more aware and prepared.  

"Will I get to knee someone in the groin?" 

Sure, why not, but be prepared to learn how to defend and protect yourself in a wide range of situations. Knowledge is power!

Our approach to Self Defence is not just physical, we focus on many different elements of social, pschycological and also emotional demands you may face in a self defence situation. 

What can I expect to learn over the 4 week course?

We will cover many aspects of day to day life and focus on sitautions that may arise.


- School
- Work

- Home

- Sport

- Socialising

- Transport

- Location

- Environment

- Support

- Weapons

- Assistance

- Police

- Strikes

- Holds

- Defence

- Protection

- Language

- Weapons


- Confidence

- Safety

- Peace of mind

- Sellf Respect

- Awareness

- Power