FMA Thai Pad Instructor


The Kickpad course will give you the skills to devise your own 1 on 1 kickboxing session with thai pads executing round kicks, push kicks, punt kicks, 6 basic punches and knees. The ThaiPad course gives you combinations and structured class formats with thai pads and also Kick Shields which gives you great knowledge to train group classes to ensure the maximum fitness workout is produced while executing fun, safe kickboxing techniques.

The ThaiPad Instructor Course is the third of FMA’s specialist Personal Training Courses, with the addition of kicking skills, evasion and fitness drills in dynamic pad work outs.

Effective pad techniques for structuring your own authentic kickboxing pad work combinations suitable for P.Ts – right up to ring fighters. Builds on the skills gained in the pre-requisite FMA Trainer Course Level 1.


  • How to execute the 8 weapons of Muay Thai correctly and safely

  • How to coach punches, elbows, knees and kicks correctly and safely onto pads

  • How to spot poor technique and how to correct it.

  • How to understand the benefits of kickboxing

  • How to format professional pad working drills

  • How to use public speaking for crowd control

Recommended for

Personal Trainers who want to teach advanced Kick Boxing pad work, through to a full-time specialist Instructor level of competency.