FMA Trainer Level 1


This Course focuses on the Trainer’s techniques in teaching boxing and using pads.  During the physical component of the course you will learn the essential fist to pad positions and the correct angles of punches for safe delivery onto the pads.  You will learn the correct pad positions and correct techniques for the pad holder to be able to safely control the Boxer.  Duty of care and safety considerations are a big part of the course.  Everyone will gain knowledge participating in this course.  This course will give you a 12 month syllabus for boxing pad work out routines.


  • How to warm up and stretch your clients out

  • How to teach the 6 basic punches with correct fist position

  • How to teach evasion

  • How to teach basic hand wrapping

  • How to teach timing

  • How to safely control your clients

Recommended for

Persons wanting to teach one on one Pad Work Sessions and small groups.  Highly recommended to Personal Trainers, Coaches, PE Coaches, Fitness Instructors, Martial Arts Instructors, Fighters, Pad Holders and Gym Owners with no formal qualifications in pad work. Also great for the general public who just want to improve their pad work skills.

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